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Jhonny Rozana
Jhonny Rozana
Jhonny Rozana

in Portoviejo, Ecuador

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Verkauf von Kosmetik

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to purchase makeup and costume jewelry.

Jhonny Rozana benötigte 975 US-Dollar, um ein Gewerbe im Bereich Handel auf- oder auszubauen.

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Englische Projekt-Vorstellung

Jhonny lives in the city of Portoviejo which was affected by the earthquake which occurred on the 16th of April, 2016. The city is rich in the production of vegetables, legumes, and tropical fruits for local consumption.

Jhonny, at 54, is a single mother. She has an adult daughter who is independent, and she lives in her sister's home. For some years she has been selling Avon products (beauty products, perfumes, and ladies' accessories.) She works three days a week for two or three hours at a time, or in her free time. She sells products on credit and collects payments every week. She's been selling Avon for 10 years.

She also works as a house cleaner in a private home from Monday through Friday. With this new loan she will buy makeup, costume jewelry, etc. Her dream is to own her own home.
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