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Edgar Eliel

in Cd. Victoria Tamauliipas, Mexiko

Edgar Eliel benötigt 1000 US-Dollar,
um ein Gewerbe im Bereich Gesundheit zu betreiben.

Das Geschäft von Edgar Eliel beschäftigt sich mit: *
Personal Medical Expenses

Der Kredit soll genutzt werden für: *
to pay for ophthalmological treatment for his aunt.

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Edgar Eliel benötigt für dieses Geschäft noch 1000 US-Dollar.
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Englische Projekt-Vorstellung

Edgar is from Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas. He is 35 years old and single. He works for a pharmaceutical company, and with his earnings he helps his parents with the family expenses.

Family is very important to him. That is why he now wishes to support an aunt named Antelma. She is experiencing a difficult situation because she was diagnosed with a visual condition that is causing blindness.

His aunt needs surgical treatment, which she is not able to cover. That is why Edgar requested a loan to be able to pay for the operation. He, like the rest of the family, trusts that Antelma will soon recover her sight.
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