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Luis Ramon

in Quito, Ecuador

Luis Ramon benötigt 1800 US-Dollar,
um ein Gewerbe im Bereich Nahrungsmittel zu betreiben.

Das Geschäft von Luis Ramon beschäftigt sich mit: *
Food Stall

Der Kredit soll genutzt werden für: *
to buy a refrigerator, tables and chairs for his restaurant business.

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Luis Ramon benötigt für dieses Geschäft noch 1700 US-Dollar.
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Englische Projekt-Vorstellung

Luis, 32, and his wife left their native Venezuela a year ago and have now settled in Quito. They moved to Ecuador because of the social and economic crisis in their country and have started anew with a business selling Venezuelan empanadas. The whole family supports the business and Luis tells us that he is happy with their progress and that he has many customers. His product is good and has been well-received by local people.

Luis wants to improve his business and provide a better service to his customers. He needs a refrigerator to store the food he needs to make empanadas and is applying for a loan that he will use to buy the refrigerator, along with tables and chairs. The investment will help him to deliver a better service and, in turn, increase his income and provide a better standard of living for his family.

Luis wants Kiva lenders to know that he is grateful to you for helping him improve his business and provide for his family.
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