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in Molo, Kenia

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to purchase farm inputs such as certified seeds and nutrient-rich fertilizers, to improve her output and boost her income, so she can educate her children.

Judy benötigte 1500 US-Dollar, um ein Gewerbe im Bereich Landwirtschaft auf- oder auszubauen.

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Englische Projekt-Vorstellung

Greetings from Molo, Kenya! The go-getter woman pictured in this photo is Judy. Judy is a woman with a winner's mindset. She hails from a remote village in the Molo area of Kenya, where farming has been embraced as the primary economic activity.

Judy has never shifted her attention away from farming and has always worked hard to meet her set objectives. She enjoys generating an income through selling her harvest, which makes her feel accomplished. To her, labor is not a major challenge, but she finds the cost of farming inputs very high.

Before joining Juhudi Kilimo, Judy could not access loans from banks, since she is a woman and a smallholder farmer. She joined Juhudi Kilimo and learned about loan management and agribusiness. She also got to learn about Kiva. Judy is seeking a loan to purchase farm inputs such as certified seeds and nutrient-rich fertilizers.

With your loan, she will make an improvement in the quality of her output. This will boost her income and enable her to pay school fees for her children. Judy awaits your kindness. She is very thankful in advance for you taking your precious time to read her profile, and hopes for your help and support.
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