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Fatmata's Farmers Group
Fatmata's Farmers Group
Fatmata's Farmers Group

in Masongbo, Sierra Leone

An Fatmata's Farmers Group sind beteiligt:
Fatmata , Yeabu , Zainab , Fatmata , Kadiatu , Isatu , Mayele , Isata , Kadiatu , Fatmata , Mammy

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to pay for improved seeds, organic inputs and tractor rental, which will allow these farmers to escape subsistence by farming a larger area with a higher yield.

Fatmata's Farmers Group benötigte 2875 US-Dollar, um ein Gewerbe im Bereich Landwirtschaft auf- oder auszubauen.

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Fatmata of Fatmata's Farmers Group would like to sincerely thank all the Kiva lenders for their first loan. Fatmata(3rd from the left) is a talented rice farmer who is also a mother of three and a respected community leader in Masongbo. Fatmata's first Kiva Loan enabled her, as well as all others in her group, to break free from the local lenders who were charging them nearly 100% interest. As a result, all group members have fully recovered their businesses, have repaid their first loan and are successfully farming again after the devastation of Ebola. The group is now seeking a smaller second loan to expand further. The profits will be used to ensure all members' children go to school, and will also be used by the group to create a support fund for young female farmers.
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