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in Monze, Sambia

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Mobile Transactions

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to boost his float and ensure all customers are able to access financial services.

Bornface benötigte 1225 US-Dollar, um ein Gewerbe im Bereich Dienstleistungen auf- oder auszubauen.

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Englische Projekt-Vorstellung

Meet Bornface! Despite not having attained a tertiary education, Bornface has worked for a clearing and forwarding company before as well as an insurance firm. As the salary he earned was not much, Bornface has mostly been surviving on microloans (which charge exorbitant interest rates) to educate his younger siblings. He recently learnt about Zoona and how it empowers young people to become entrepreneurs; he decided to become a Zoona agent.

His mobile transactions business is situated in the heart of Monze, known as 'the home of Zambia's granary' for its maize production. He gets high volumes of sends and receives as there is a lot of traffic at the location. The problem he faces is that he does not have enough float in his business. When this happens, he cannot assist customers, and he has to close the outlet. Bornface earns an income from every transaction processed at his business and, as a result, is losing out on potential income which he needs to support his family.

Bornface is reaching out to Kiva for a loan to boost his business' daily float. He will be able to assist his customers well and ensure no customer arrives at a closed outlet. He hopes to grow his business until it is profitable enough that he can go back to school and further his studies.
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