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Nancy Alexandra
Nancy Alexandra
Nancy Alexandra

in Montecristi, Ecuador

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to buy crafts to sell.

Nancy Alexandra benötigte 1400 US-Dollar, um ein Gewerbe im Bereich Kunsthandwerk auf- oder auszubauen.

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Englische Projekt-Vorstellung

Nancy and her family live in La Pila de Montecristi. It is a very well known place in the province and the country for its rich traditional culture. Here the vast majority of inhabitants are dedicated to crafts.

Nancy is a woman who likes to earn her funds and thus support her husband to get ahead. To do this, she is dedicated to the purchase and sale of decorations and ceramics. She has a store on the main road where many people go by and generally while passing they buy something every day and that permits her to earn a living, thus giving her family a decent life.

This loan is to buy crafts to stock her business. Her dream is to give the best to her children.
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