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in Kericho, Kenia

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to buy cereals to resell.

Rebecca benötigte 400 US-Dollar, um ein Gewerbe im Bereich Nahrungsmittel auf- oder auszubauen.

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Special people of Kiva!

Rebecca (pictured outside her simple house) has been practicing mixed farming for the past nine years, during which time she has gathered a lot of experience. She is considered among the best farmers in her village. Her primary sources of income have been milk, eggs, crops and some small business ventures that help her make ends meet. Although she makes profits from farming, she is not comfortable and has always wanted to increase her income by selling cereals.

Rebecca is seeking this loan to buy cereals so that she can increase her profits and satisfy the demand that is there. Accessing funds has been a challenge for Rebecca, but she now feels relieved because Juhudi Kilimo is partnering with Kiva lenders to help hardworking women farmers like her turn their farming dreams into reality through training and loan financing.

Rebecca believes that this loan will be of much help and that she will be able to satisfy the demand for cereals. She also believes that the extra income she earns will enable a change in her life and an increase in her business. Increased profits will allow Rebecca to repay this loan and secure the future of her school-going children.

Rebecca does not take the Kiva lenders for granted for taking their precious time amidst their busy schedules to check her short profile and loan request, and hopes that you click that lend button on your computer.
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