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in Bomet, Kenia

Eunice benötigt 400 US-Dollar,
um ein Gewerbe im Bereich Nahrungsmittel zu betreiben.

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to start a new cereals business.

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Eunice benötigt für dieses Geschäft noch 400 US-Dollar.
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Englische Projekt-Vorstellung

Special Kiva lenders, meet Eunice, a smallholder farmer who resides in a remote village in Bomet. She is married to a handsome and energetic man who helps her in marketing their farm produce.

Eunice specializes in crop farming and dairy farming. Through farming, Eunice has been able to provide for all her children's needs. After every harvest, Eunice sells her produce to clients fetched by her husband. They cooperate well with one another.

She is a woman with great knowledge of the economic patterns in her area, and she has acquired many skills and sales knowledge through this business. As a result, she deems the cereal business to be one of the highest profit-making businesses in her village. However, her savings aren’t enough to start this new enterprise, and she has requested assistance from Juhudi.

Profits from the cereal business will be used to repay the loan and improve her living conditions. She will also save, and give her beloved children a good lifestyle.

Eunice thanks her lenders, for it is only through this loan that she will step into the opportunities awaiting her and into the great outcomes of success.
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