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Benu Pauline

in Bafut, NW. Province, Kamerun

Benu Pauline benötigt 725 US-Dollar,
um ein Gewerbe im Bereich Landwirtschaft zu betreiben.

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to construct a pigsty, buy piglets, chicks, feed, threads and materials.

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Benu Pauline benötigt für dieses Geschäft noch 575 US-Dollar.
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Englische Projekt-Vorstellung

The borrower is a widow and is a mother of two children with whom she lives in a five bedroom apartment in Bafut, North West Region of Cameroon. She has faced some challenges in life such as the death of loved ones, including her husband, poverty, and traditional rites.

She joined GHAPE in 2011 and has taken and successfully repaid four loans. With the new loan requested, she plans to increase the size of her piggery by constructing a new sty and increase the number of piglets, add more fowl to her poultry, and buy more materials for her embroidery business. She has a positive attitude that the businesses will succeed because she already has a mastery of these activities and there is an ever-ready demand for her pigs, fowl and the traditional outfits she produces.

She says her activities will help the community since she will supply piglets, dresses and fowl to them at moderate prices, thus reducing their distance from going to far off areas to buy.

With the profit to be gotten from the loan, she will plough back some into her activities, pay grandchildren’s school fees, and provide basic necessities for the family.

She prefers getting a loan from GHAPE because the repayment schedule is moderate, there are low interest rates, the business knowledge she gets before receiving loans, and no collateral.
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