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in Mpigi, Uganda

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to hire labor to plant more matooke and ginger.

Wilson benötigte 300 US-Dollar, um ein Gewerbe im Bereich Landwirtschaft auf- oder auszubauen.

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Englische Projekt-Vorstellung

Wilson is 51 years old, married with 5 school-going children. His main activity is agriculture, especially farming such as growing matooke and ginger, where he earns a living to pay school fees for his children as well as to meet his family's financial obligations.

Wilson's customers are matooke traders and restaurants. He has been doing this business for the past 20 years, which has been a rewarding venture and has enabled him to live a sustainable livelihood. He also owns 3 cows where he earns an additional income in milk production. Wilson's main challenge is limited labor, but also seasonal changes such as drought and too much rainfall with hailstorm, and pests and diseases like banana weevil, wilt, and bacteria which affect his productivity.

Wilson has applied for a loan to hire labor to plant more matooke and ginger in anticipation of a big harvest in the coming season. His dream is saving his profits to upgrade into mechanized farming in future. He is hard-working and a determined man. He thanks funders for your endless financial support and generosity.
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